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About Us
Our Company was founded in 1934 by the entrepreneur Mr. / Fathy El Labban who started this business as a handcraft.

Now we are among the leaders in manufacturing furniture in the Egyptian market and the Middle East. Our competitive edge is the varieties of furniture styles we offer and the different tastes we can satisfy.

We also use excellent materials and designs that beautify your place. Our furniture designs add to your place elegance and style and give it a spirit of high taste. Our name is well known in the high societies of Egypt. We were also able to reach high production standards which enabled us to export to various countries like Italy – France – USA - Canada – Spain – South Africa and too many Arab countries as well.

Our field of work includes:
1. Manufacturing classical wooden furniture (bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, children rooms, offices, and antiques).
2. Wooden interior decorations and wooden wall upholstery.

Experience and Technology
In Damietta we own 2 huge workshops. One is 350 m2 and 5 stories high, and includes our big show room. The other is in New Damietta and is built on a 6000 m2 area.

These workshops hold place for around 100 skillful workers. They are our most valuable asset. And they represent our experience and know how in furniture manufacturing. They also have been highly trained to use the furniture manufacturing technologies we imported from Italy which make us very competitive in this respect among other Egyptian furniture manufacturers.

Operation and Techniques
One of our unique machines is the wood dryer that extracts dampness and humidity out of the wood to make it sturdier.
Our production depends on dry hard wood and oak wood.
We combine qualified team of skillful workers and modern technology in manufacturing furniture.
Our Mission
We have the ultimate mission of staying in the top list of furniture manufacturers, and reaching more clients worldwide.
Our Strategy
Our strategy is to excel in furniture manufacturing by using and adopting state of the art technologies and equipment, while retaining our skilled workers and craftsmanship, which define our competitive edge.
Marketing Objective
Producing furniture that is promoted and sold in our show rooms (on- shelf products).and producing furniture upon client demand (custom products).We are also ready to negotiate business contracts to supply businesses with the necessary furniture and offices.

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